Hurricane Ivan

Ivan is looking for his forever home! He’s a 50+lb. Great Dane mix puppy around 8 months old who is FULL of HIGH energy! Ivan is good with small and large breed dogs though he is very intimidating because of his size and playfulness and is quite interested in cats. If the cats are mellow, then so is Ivan…when they run, he chases and sometimes the cats don’t care for that. Ivan doesn’t know his own strength. He needs to find a home where there are no small children until he has some obedience training. He walks well on a leash and is crate trained but is still working on the house-training part. Ivan would make a wonderful addition to an ACTIVE family that would walk and exercise him daily and give him a 6-ft fenced in yard so he can play and run freely. This boy sure LOVES his stuffed toys and squeaky ones and never want to miss a chance at chasing after a ball or playing tug-o-war! He knows the commands: sit, shake (with both paws), lay down and crate. He also loves getting his belly rubs and giving/receive kisses! Won’t you be that special family he is so deserving of? Fill out an application today before he’s scooped up!

Meet the twins

Maggie and Mable are sisters who have been together since birth.  They are 4 years old and get along very well together; where one goes, so does the other. They integrated very easily into our foster home and get along with other dogs quite well and very much like to be around people.  Their response to cats is unknown.


She’ll be your Daisy

From a rescue in West Virginia:

“Daisy is dog-friendly. She LOVES kids. Low/mid energy level. She doesn’t seem to have any prey drive and has shown no interest in cats. She can be apprehensive when she first meets you, but quickly warms up and is snuggling right in. She’s exceptionally smart. She wants to be at your side most of the time. She’s crate trained… But could probably be left out without a problem. She never tried to chew anything. She LOVES a walk. She really is the best dog ever! She was hard to let go of.”

Meet Mr. Stevie

Stevie is a Catahoula/Dane mix, about eight years old.  Stevie is blind and will need a home with people willing to adjust to his disability.  He’s extremely friendly and pleasant. he walks easily on a leash and ignores cats.  Stevie will be a very happy addition to someone’s home.

Stevie new pics (1) (1024x768)Stevie new pics (2) (1024x768)Stevie new pics (1024x768)

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