A special thank you to the Pittsburgh Pirates

Last night at Pup Night at the Pirates game at PNC Park our dog Moose fell and injured his hip when another dog snapped at him and Moose jumped backwards and fell hard on the concrete floor.  Moose is ok, he strained ligaments or muscles in his hip or leg and will walk funny a little while and should be alright.  The Pirates staff did everything they could to help us get Moose out of the Pup Night area and down to the car and off to the vets office.

Thank you Pirates staff for being so concerned about Moose and working with us to take care of Moose.   We are looking forward to the next Pup Night, we’re not sure that Moose is as well.  The Pup Nights are a nice outing with your dog, the Pirates run a good program for dog owners once a month.  They also told us that they will contribute a portion of the proceeds of the tickets to the Pa Dane Rescue if you identify yourself as being with the Rescue.


2 thoughts on “A special thank you to the Pittsburgh Pirates

  1. Even though I didn’t go to the game due to the weather I did purchase a ticket (along with several other employees). Is there a way to let the Pirates know that so you can receive the proceeds?

    • Patrice, thank you for the thought but we’re not sure how to do so. The contribution from the Pirates is supposed to be $4.00 per ticket so we won’tbe losing much if we don’t get a contribution on your ticket. We may be attending next month again so look for Great Danes if you get there.


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