PA Great Dane Rescue “Baby Shower Program”

The PA Great Dane Rescue is starting our baby shower program today and we welcome all friends of the PA Great Dane Rescue to join in our new program.  The program is a way to welcome new owners of Great Danes into the Great Dane owner family and a way to welcome the new Dane into their home. 

Anyone who wants to participate are encouraged to send a card or dog gift to the rescue specifically designated as for a specific adopted Dane.  When the Dane is adopted, any congratulatory cards or any dog gifts will be delivered to the new family. 

We ask that anyone donating to the baby shower program specifically indicate the Dane to whom the gift should be delivered along with your name and address and a designation as to whether or not your contact information may be shared with the adopting family should they want to send a thank you note.  Please see our Available Great Danes page for the “adoption pending” Great Danes for whom baby shower gifts can be donated to the rescue.

Any cards or gifts can be delivered to Jean.  her contact information is in the footer of every page of the PA Great Dane Rescue website.

Celebrate baby's delivery with a baby shower with the PA Great Dane Rescue


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