Prison Dane Update

Jean and Kathy visited the prison today to see how the Danes are doing with their training.  All is generally going extremely well with the Danes and their trainers. 

Rufus gets an A+ for effort in his training program.  He is excellent with his commands and the trainers say that he is the smartest dog that they’ve worked with in years.  He is wonderful in his “emergency down” command, he stops whatever he is doing when he hears it.  He is very happy with the men he is working with and happy to please his trainers.

Jenny is working hard to do well in her commands.  She is a little shy with people but is comfortable with the men training her. 

Tank is doing wonderfully at the prison program.  He loves the other dogs and may already have a new home with a family from the Wednesday night class at the prison.

Beamer is also doing very well and tries hard to please his trainer.  He will need an experienced owner because he continues to be somewhat stubborn.  Beamer has learned to play dead if you pretend to shoot him.

Bruiser is now the most handsome Dane we have available.  He’s gained about twenty pounds and is looking healthy and happy.  His favorite time of day is when he gets to play with the other dogs.

The prison inmates are doing an exceptional job with our Danes and are proud of the progress being made with the dogs.  The PA Great Dane Rescue is extremely appreciative of the work they are doing to train the Danes and helping them find new homes.

Bruiser says he's nobody's bitch but he'll do anything for a cookie


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