A loving couple looking for a place to call their own

Scooby and Trixie came to the PA Great Dane Rescue today to start their journey to a new life.  They came from a situation of neglect and both are extremely thin.   Both need and will get basic vet care.  Scooby will get neutered soon and Trixie will get spayed after she recovers from other health conditions.

Trixie has a bad right foot that appears to have been either run over or caught in an animal trap.  She will be treated for the foot injury and we will work to get both of them up to a proper weight.

Scooby and Trixie get along extremely well together.  During their transport to PA Dane Rescue Scooby got nervous when he could not see Trixie.  They both are extremely friendly with all the people they met today and do not seem to be aggressive at all.   They get along with dogs of all sizes and they grew up with kids.  They are about two years old.

It would be nice if the two of them could find a home together though if they cannot be placed together, they will be available for adoption individually.  We realize that most homes cannot take on two Danes and do not expect that they will be placed together, but if anyone wants a pair of Danes ready-made to make a home together, Scooby and Trixie may be the Danes for you.


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