Adoptions, Adoptions, Adoptions

New Homes, New Homes, New Homes!!

Brutus and his family are very happy


Brutus went to a wonderful family.  He is the sole dog in the family so he is king.  On his first day at his new home, each family member took him for a walk so he got three walks that day.  

Rufus will be paroled soon


Rufus is in the prison program currently but will be graduating soon.  His future adoption family already visited him and is ready for him to join his brother and sister dogs. 

Maddie the Great Dane


Maddie will be staying with her foster family and two dog brothers. Good luck to Maddie! 

Raymond is a big brother


Raymond moved in with a 2-year-old little girl and her family.  He’s very gentle and happy in his new home. 

Cheyene the Great Dane


Cheyene also went to a new home and is doing well with her new family. 

PA Great Dane Rescue


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