And so the little lady awaits while her man does his time in the bighouse

We are very pleased to announce the adoption of Trixie, a sweet little lady that Jean and I had the pleasure of fostering for a brief time.  She went to a new home today, joining two smaller, older dogs with their family.  Her best friend and life-mate, Scooby, was sent off to prison for a little fine-tuning of his manners.  Trixie’s family intends to adopt Scooby as well when he returns from prison.  We are extremely happy for their family because they are getting two fantastic Danes and we are also very happy to see them staying together for the rest of their lives.


3 thoughts on “And so the little lady awaits while her man does his time in the bighouse

  1. I am so very happy that these two beautiful dogs have been adopted and are staying together. I hope they give their new owners many years of love.

  2. Thank you for sharing these videos with people. We had to give our beloved Moose away due to some financial issues and the loss of our home. We miss him terribly and it is nice to know that they do find homes. They are an amazing breed and those who own them know what I mean. Moose will forever be in my heart. Thank you for what you do.

    • Kimberly. your experience is unfortunately one that many Dane and dog owners have had in the recent past. Good luck to you, I hope that things improve and that you’ll have Danes with you in the future.


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