Cash and Fiesta update

Fiesta is doing very well. She’s a little jumping bean when it’s time to eat.  Fiesta and Cash are both being treated for kennel cough and are being wormed.  She will be spayed on Tuesday if Cash is not well enough to get the surgery done on his foot.  Fiesta is a sweet and very friendly little lady.  She is feeling well enough that she is starting to want to play.

Cash is gaining weight and is starting to feel better but still has a lot of pain in his foot.  He has kennel cough and we’re not sure if he will be well enough to have the surgery on his leg on Tuesday.  If not, it will be delayed briefly until we’re more sure that he will be okay through the surgery. He’s very friendly and we’re trying to keep him from playing with Fiesta until he is better and has his surgery done.


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