Introducing Kellie and Maddie

Kelly and Maddie
Kelly and Maddie are 5-month old blue merle Great Dane sisters who were picked up as strays.  They will be spayed very soon and will be ready for adoption soon after.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Kellie and Maddie

  1. I am the foster home for Maddie and Kellie. Kellie was adopted very quickly but I still have Maddie. She is a wonderful puppy and learns very quickly. I have gotten her pretty much house broken and sitting on command. She is wonderful with my 5year old very busy rough little boy. He wrestles with her and plays tug of war and trust me no matter what he seems to do she loves the attention that he gives her. Whereas my 8 year old daughter will get her to lay down on the floor and cuddle for hours it seems. So she is rough and tuff tumbler of a puppy but when its time to settle she is like a real teddy of loves to snuggle. I aslo have a Saint Bernard that she plays with so she is also great with other dogs(Ihave also been socializing her as much as possible) And to top this off I have 2 cats (1still kitten) pretty much Maddie is a all around perfect little girl. Her only think is for some reason she is terrified of newspaper or just the crumpling sound of the kids coloring book when they turn the pages, when I am cooking dinner and use foil she runs to her crate which sometimes causes a tinkle. I am sure with a whole bunches of love this too shall pass. Well anyway if you are interested in a Great Dane but are scared to do the whole “puppy” thing reconsider. I know that whoever chooses her they will be very grateful and have a wonderful life with this little girl. Come see Maddie for yourself words just cant seem express how great this lady is.Good luck and be blessed!!

  2. where are you located so that my wife and kids can come meet Maddie? We live in Gibsonia. Recently we lost our German Shepard of 13 yrs. He passed in October and maybe ready for another pet.

    Thank you
    Jake and Tina Melisko

    • Jake; our Danes are scattered around Pittsburgh in people’s homes who foster the dogs for us. Currently Maddie is at Camp BowWow, they also foster for us. The best thing to do would be to call Jean, her cell phone number is 412-916-2167 and our home phone is 724-869-9185. Jean can discuss with you the various dogs we have in the rescue and which might be best for your family. She will be transporting dogs up to our prison program tomorrow so if you call, please be patient, she will return your call when possible.


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