PA Great Dane Rescue involved in Valley Township Great Dane neglect case

Representatives of the PA Great Dane Rescue assisted the Humane Officer in recovering the Danes from the Armstrong County home and the Rescue is currently managing their care and will be responsible for their recovery and placement.  The Danes were living in a deteriorated house and were extremely malnourished.   Three dogs were dead when our representatives arrived with the humane officer. 

Click here for the PA Great Dane Rescue Website

Below are a few pictures taken by Jean at the vet’s office:


18 thoughts on “PA Great Dane Rescue involved in Valley Township Great Dane neglect case

  1. My heart breaks to know there is a human out there that could do this to these beautiful animals. My prayers are with them for a full recovery! Wish I could adopt one and show him/her what it is to be truly loved and cherished!

  2. I am very interested in adopting one of those beautiful Danes from that house in Armstrong County.Please contact me through my email,beautiful animals like that and they are the very gentle giants of the dog world—thank-you Rhondasue Newnham

  3. You people are absolute saints / angels – rescueing these poor danes is more than admirable. GOD BLESS YOU!
    I wish I could give more but I guess every little bit will help!

  4. I would be interested in adopting one of the great Danes – can’t seem to find the appropriate email address, though. Please get back to me. Thank you,

    Martha Beck

  5. Our family has a wonderful great dane, Cosmo, and we would be interested in fostering or adopting one of the dogs from the ARmstrong County rescue. please email me if you still need any such assistance
    thank you

  6. I am intereseted in becoming a foster/adoptive home for one of these great danes. I am a great dane lover and we share our home with three of them. Please contact me at the above email or by telephone at 7247572195. Thank you!

  7. Was planning on purchasing a mastiff in the spring but once I seen this I would be more than glad to adopt a Dane instead….will be sending in a application…This is beyond sad!!

  8. I am an owner of two great danes. This situation is horrible. I would be happy to foster or adopt one of the danes. Iwould do everything possible to help them with their recovery. Please email me.

  9. I currently have a dane that we rescued when he was 9 months old, he is now 7 1/2 and in excellent health. We rescued another dane when I was in highschool and I would love to tell everyone that these danes will be your best friend. They are truly gentle giants and are so very smart and loving. Please email me if you need a foster parent…I know what it takes!

  10. I am an owner of a five-month-old Dane, and I cannot believe that anyone would treat these beautiful, loving, sweet dogs in this manner. Great Danes know nothing but how to give love to their humans (and fellow dogs and felines), and do not deserve to be treated like this. At least it seemed from the news videos that their gentle temperaments were intact, in spite of the abuse.

    Thank you for taking in all of these lovely animals so that they may find a home where that love is returned. I wish them all luck and a healthy recovery.

  11. I’m so impressed with the number of responses, first of all, and that there are so many people willing to help these furbabies so quickly after this story posted! Thank you to all of you! I’m in Cleveland, so outside of your area, but really love Danes. Keep up your great work.

  12. I received my Great Dane as a Christmas present in October 2010. I absolutely love the breed and my dog. My husband told me I would love it and I really do. We live in Venango County and have 40 acres. My dogs are house pets only -they never live outside. We would love to foster and/or adopt. Thank you.
    Michele S. Shera

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