Update on the Valley Township (Kittanning) Great Danes

The PA Great Dane Rescue currently has all of the nine Great Danes in our care.  Four of the Danes were released from the vet office today.  The other five were previously released to foster care and are doing well in their foster homes.

The nine Great Danes are in the care of the PA Great Dane Rescue on a temporary basis.  We assumed responsibility for their care and veterinary treatment while the related court case is pending and are holding them on behalf of the prosecuting parties.  While we have possession and control of the Danes, the ownership of the Danes currently remains with the original owner of the Danes.  We will not know whether the Danes will be available for adoption until the case is resolved.

A special thank you to Dr. Lash and the other doctors and staff at Kittanning Veterinary Hospital for the care, kindness, and patience they have shown to these Danes.  Their office has treated the Danes and our organization extremely kindly.


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