Yo!, It’s Moe – again

Moe is an 11 month old Great Dane.  He is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs and people too. His response to cats is unknown but his response to people is a lot of tail wagging.



2 thoughts on “Yo!, It’s Moe – again

  1. Uh… Moe has left puncture wounds
    Not only in his adoptive mother, but in another Dane. He is aggressive and needs To be in a dog onlyenvironment.

    • Susan, we need to be clear about Moe. Moe was adopted and during the time that Moe was there, Moe and the other dog had a fight but also played through the week and laid on the couch together. We are always up front about any behavioral problems we may see in the dogs we have available. Moe spent 4 weeks in our house with four other dogs, and our family, and there were no behavioral problems exhibited during his stay here. There were no fights nor did we see any aggressive tendencies while he was in our home. Each home that a dog enters has different dynamics and experiences. Moe will be reevaluated while he is with us for any possible issues.

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