Leo and Lily and Gabby have new homes!

Congratulations to them and to their new families.


3 thoughts on “Leo and Lily and Gabby have new homes!

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how irate I am right now. I went through the application process, was approved, and wanted to adopt Lily, only to be told that she was SICK and was not available for adoption! I am thrilled that she found a good home, but disgusted that I was lied to. Why? It’s very disheartening to think that this is the way the rescue is run. If her adoption was pending, it should have been made known.

    • Linda, why would you assume that you were lied to? We really do not appreciate an accusation that we lie to people about the Danes that we have available. Lily was recently at the vet over concerns for bladder cancer. We got multiple tests done on her and received the results Thursday night. You had your home visit done this past week and the family that adopted Lily was approved weeks ago and were waiting for the tests results to see if Lily was even adoptable. Currently the status of Lily’s diagnosis is that no cancer was found but that the results were not completely conclusive, the adopting family accepted her into her home despite the risk that they face of future medical problems.

      I do not see a problem here with the way the rescue is being run in regards to this particular Dane.

      Tom Matvey

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