I am Sarah, and I need your help.

 My name is Sarah. I’m approximately 1 year old and I was a stray until the PA Great Dane Rescue took me in. I was so happy to have a warm home, soft bed, loving people and dog friends but I was really underweight and having trouble keeping my food down. After several vet visits they finally figured out that I have an esophageal stricture. I’m not really sure what that means but Jean a…nd my foster mom, Bren were really upset about it so I’m guessing it’s not good. I need to have surgery to make me better and it’s going to be $3000. I heard Jean and Bren talking about how to raise the money to help me and I thought the PA Great Dane Rescue has over 1800 Facebook friends – if everyone donated $2, I could have my surgery paid for! Think about it, $2 is less than most people’s morning cup of coffee but $2 for me could save my life. So if you are able to help me out and donate some money to make me better, I would really appreciate it. I am so excited to have a second chance and life and I’m not ready for it to end. Thank you very much for your support and please share this with your friends. You can donate via PayPal at pennsylvania-dane-rescue.org/ or send a check made payable to Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue to Pennsylvania Great Dane c/o Jean Matvey 515 Rotteck Street, Baden, PA 15005.

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