Trying again, More pictures of Moses


9 thoughts on “Trying again, More pictures of Moses

  1. I would love to look into adopting Moses. I adopted a Dane from Great Dane Rescue in the past, but I am having trouble recalling the woman’s name who was in charge of it back then. My family & I have had 3 Great Danes so far, all of whom are deceased. We’ve had a Harlequin, our first Dane named Stetson, from 94-01. The second one was a Black Dane named Zeus, from 01-11,he was born in August of 2000, he lived to be 11yrs. 2mos. he passed away in last October, he’s the one we adopted from GDR. And the last one was a Merle named Xander that we bought from a breeder in 03, he lived to be 7yrs. 3mos. So we do have Great Dane experience, I just haven’t gotten around to filling out all the forms yet. We had our last 2 Danes on the Invisible Fence of Pittsburgh, and we do have a mix breed dog on it now named Sage, it works very well and we have never had any problems with our dogs crossing the line. There are only 3 of us in our household, My husband Lee (47) Me, Sandi (47) and our daughter Valen (23). Let me know from the information that I gave you if you think we would be good candidates for adopting Moses. I have all Vet records for all of our dogs since Stetson, and we live in Ligonier on 1.2 acres, plenty of room to run 🙂

  2. Thank you, I will. I started filling out the form already, just have to finish up a few things and get all the info in the mail that I wanted to include. Thanks for the name & number. 🙂

  3. Also, I was wondering why it says “Trying again”, did someone adopt him already and brought him back? Please explain.

    • Moses has remained in the rescue so far. I tried to post the pictures of him and had some problems with them showing in the post, so I had to repost the blog post, that is all I was referring to when I said “trying again.” He’s at our house now and he’s a pleasant dog,

      • Thanks for explaining. Does he ever keep his tongue in his mouth? He looks like a panter, Lol. We are not 100% sure we are ready to adopt again yet. We have been discussing how nice and easy it is to only have to take care of one dog instead of 2 or 3. I will get my name on the list soon, just incase. 🙂

  4. What a great site this is for G D lovers…which we are, needles to say..have 2 wonderful Harls..spayed & neutered, of course..they are such special dogs and they DO indeed, need SPECIAL people..glad to see you screen so well…works out best for everyone…most of all..the dogs!

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