Huskies needing rescue from Beirut Lebanon

We are posting and circulating this information in order to try to assist a rescue in Beirut, Lebanon with the placemant of dags from there.  We are taking two Great Danes from their rescue and they have several Huskies that they are trying to place.

Below are descriptions and photos of the Huskies they have for placement. It is our understanding that the Beirut rescue will fully vet the dogs and will arrange for transportation to the US.  Contact information for the Beirut rescue is below.  The descriptions below are directly from the rescue manager, Rima:

Here’s their description (all of them are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered).
1. Kishka:
Kishka is around 2 years old. She was rescued around August 2013.
Kishka was in a home, unfixed, and when she had her period, the people were very disgusted. When they took her to the vet to spay her, they found out it’s an expensive operation, and decided to euthanize her instead. We happened to be there and we took her straight away.
She’s extremely sweet, gets along very well with dogs and people of all ages. But she playbites and plays rough.
2. Caesar: 
Caesar used to live in a home obviously, but he was dumped on the street in 2008. He was one year old and has been with us for 5 years now. No one has chosen to adopt him.
Caesar is very sweet, but he’s an alpha dog. He does not pick up fights, but if provoked, he might attack.
3. Jello: Jello is a distemper survivor. She was found on the side of the road as a puppy, completely lost and disoriented. It was clear she had been recently dumped.
Jello constantly shakes and doesn’t have muscle coordination, but that doesn’t stop her from running around and playing (we can send a video).
Jello is less than 2 years old, extremely sweet and suitable for kids. She’s truly amazing.
Her photo next to the red car was taken a day or 2 after her rescue, and you can see how much confidence she gained.
She’s not the typical husky size. She’s a bit smaller.
4. Rebel: We found Rebel on the street, his throat slit open! He was slaughtered! We never found out who did, and even if we did, the laws are almost non-existent to prosecute him.
Rebel is one of the sweetest dogs you can ever meet! AMAZINGLY sweet and nice with everyone.
5. Alaska:
Alaska is 2 years old. She was rescued around June 2013.
She used to live on the roof of a building, right under the June Summer heat, deprived from any human contact.
But she’s extremely sweet, gets along very well with dogs and people of all ages. She definitely needs training since she’s never been inside a home.
6. Yuri: Yuri belonged to a man who tied him up in a vacant lot all the time! He never walked him, and the poor dog did not even have a shelter. He was under the heat and rain all the time. Eventually the neighbor took him by force (this is why we can’t post his photos online).
Yuri is about 18 months old, very sweet and loving. But he’s also never been in a house, so he needs training of course. 
Thank you so much!!!!!
Rima Barakat

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