My Heart is Heavy

My heart is heavy sometimes with just a mere word or lack thereof. I love dogs, I love to see how they are working out a problem in their heads or when they are simply wanting to lie down with other dogs and share in the pack life. I love their way of figuring out who is the pack leader when I had no clue it would be the one that they picked. I love how they come to me for a pat on the head or to bury their head in my side. I am the one they love and admire. They love me for simple reasons. I am their leader, the one that feeds them, the one that lets them put their head on my lap. At times I have corrected them, at times I have had to walk away because I was angry with them and know I cannot let them see my anger. I try to put myself in their world and be a dog. Let me see what they see. Why are they doing that stupid thing and what is it that they want to achieve? This next writing is about a world I can’t imagine. It is about a world I choose not to live in, it is about a world of hate, of pain, of sadness and anger.

Stardust PA dane rescue 3

Stardust – Beirut Dane coming to the PA Dane Rescue

A shelter is a scary place to a dog, we all know that, Right? It is full of smells, bad smells, death and the dying, it is full of barking and loud noises and whimpering. This would make anyone very nervous. It is a hard place to live in, Right? Now close your eyes and try to imagine a place that is full of sounds constantly and full of death. A very dark, loud, horrible place and you will be in the place that Stardust and Dana came from. It is not a normal place. It is not a normal dog shelter. It is not a place of love and life. It is a place of death and destruction.  It is a dog rescue in Beirut Lebanon.  It is a place where dogs are missing limbs and blinded from bombs. It is a place where dogs are tied to railings on porches, throats are slit, dogs are kept chained in 112 degree heat outside. Dogs are run over by cars for fun and dogs are starved on a regular basis. It is a place that shakes with vibrations when the bombs are being set off.   Close your eyes and remember this and you will be in their shelter. It is a shelter with 400 animals on any given day.  It is the only dog shelter in Beirut. The dogs don’t get to play outside, they don’t get out of their crates. They don’t have a dog park to go to. They live and often die in a crate. That is the shelter in Beirut Lebanon .


Dana Pa Dane rescue 2

Dana, Beirut Dane coming to PA Dane Rescue

We were contacted by the shelter in Beirut about their Danes. Of course being the rescue that we are, we stepped up. We put aside any problems with overloading our fosters and immediately took the dogs without question.  We did that because we love the dogs, we love watching them work out problems in their heads, because we love the way they put their heads in our laps, because we love seeing the dogs lay down with the other pack members. Because we love the dogs and we don’t want them to be in that scary place anymore. It is not alright to live with death and destruction. It is not alright to live with bombings, slit throats, chained to porch railings, and it is not alright to live tied out in 112 degree heat.


Beirut Rescue Husky

But my heart is heavy because even though we got the 2 Danes out, there are 6 huskies that remain behind, there are 45 pointers that remain behind, and there are 11 special needs German Shepards that remain behind. We have asked other rescues to pull from there and they have not responded. They will not help. They will not try.  They will not be bothered.  Dana and Stardust are happy, the others are not. Dana and stardust have a second chance, the others do not. Dana and Stardust are part of a pack with toys, dog treats and people that love them but the others are not.



Beirut Rescue Husky

My happiness for our dogs is short lived when I know of all the suffering for those other dogs that need to get out of there. Yes, I realize we have many abused, starved and poor dogs here in the United States  as well. But, I can’t imagine leaving any of those other dogs behind and we are doing just that. We can’t get them out because there are no rescues responding for them. They are still there in the darkness, the loud sounds, the shaking of the buildings and the mess that only men have created.  I remember emailing the girl that runs the shelter and she told me that there was a bombing and out of respect for the dead and injured they would have to not send out emails for a short time so that the press can post the lists of the injured and the dead. That is the life that these dogs came from. That is the life that the other dogs are living in right now. That is the life that no one human, let alone an animal should be forced to live in.


It has been a while since I have written for our website and I feel that it is only fitting to welcome Stardust and Dana to their new country.  They have bonded with each other, relying on each other thru the horribleness of their other lives.  Through their darkness there is light and they can see for the first time without confusion and pain.  We should not be commended for taking these dogs, it should go to the shelter manager over in Beirut for thinking quick and saving them.  She fights and her staff fights every day to save the dogs from suffering.  She is a very brave woman and her courage makes me humble in her presence. She is the type of person I would like to become. Please welcome Stardust and Dana to their new rescue. Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue, Inc.


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