No one will want him down here

“No, no one will want him down here480_Lincoln_pa_great_dane_rescue_3_.” I remember those words. I can’t believe that the words hurt me still even though it has been more than 6 months. It is basic and necessary for every being on this planet to have food, water, shelter and love. When I got the email I was happy to help out the rescue that had requested to send Lincoln up to here from South Carolina. I remember saying that he was a little older so the trip might now be a problem for him and why doesn’t he stay down there.  Rhonda said right away “no one down here will want him and he will not get a home.” Her words were honest, fast and also a painful truth about so many animals here in America.


480_Lincoln_pa_great_dane_rescue_6_I know we are much better up here than down there. The people that we meet are all good people. When people come to see the other dogs I have to hold him back so he doesn’t get in the way. It is just a hard thing to do when he is so happy and wagging his tail and jumping up and down to come out and see the visitors.   He is so happy and wanting to see his future and it hasn’t come yet. Every dog deserves a future. A future of wonderfulness, of long walks, doggie treats, pats on the head and lots of trips to the pet store to pick out doggie toys.



480_Lincoln_pa_great_dane_rescue_7_I have said that Lincoln is the one of the easiest dog my husband and I have in our house right now. He is good with the other dogs and is perfectly housebroken. He does guard his food from the other dogs but he loves a good walk and is very much a non-stress dog. I always tell the people that call that they need to look at the dog and not the age of the dog. It will make you much happier if you have a dog that fits your family instead of dog that you only want because of its age.


480_Lincoln_pa_great_dane_rescue_1_Lincoln deserves a future. He is living in the present for the moment and he needs the future of someone that loves him, wants to come home to him and wants to fuss over him. He came from a shelter, he had a very long transport up here, he was heart worm positive and had to heal from that, he has come a very long way and is now ready for his forever home. The words no one will want him will be in the past and he will have the future he needs.


Lincoln is an 8 yr. old male mix, he loves people and is ok with other dogs. He needs a future, he needs you. His pain meds and arthritic meds are about 30 a month and his heart worm meds are about 70 for a 6 pack. It is not much to make a dog happy and safe for the rest of his life. Yes I hear it all the time. I don’t want to take a dog I have to bury it in 6 months. Well, my response to that is that we don’t know how long any of the dogs have. Why deny yourself any wonderful time with a dog even if it is a day. That day was much more filled with joy and happiness and love.




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