Say Hello to Goober Joe

Goober Joe will be joining us at the PA Great Dane Rescue after Thanksgiving.  He is currently in a shelter in West Virginia and below are their observations of Goober Joe:

He was dropped at an intersection where he stayed, watching car after car pass him by. Finally a nice lady opened her car door and he hopped right in. She asked around the general area and spoke with a disabled elderly lady that said she saw someone drive up to the stop sign and push Goober Joe out and drive away. The lady then brought him to us. We quickly discovered what a wonderful boy Goober Joe is. He really enjoys playing fetch, car rides, he does well on leash and enjoys going for walks.  Goober Joe never meets a stranger and is very polite and social. When we went to the vet, he very gently placed his paws on my lap and laid his big sweet head into my chest…he loves to snuggle and get hugs. He greeted everyone that walked in after us with wagging tail and everyone commented on what a wonderful and beautiful boy he is!
Goober Joe is house and crate trained. He’s great cats and other dogs and loves to play. Joe is such a sweet boy! Everyone that meets him falls in love..


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