Puppies anyone?

PA Great Dane Rescue welcomes 4 puppies into the rescue who are now available for adoption. One puppy, Tanger, is at Camp BowWow-South and can be viewed on their CamperCams (clicky the linky) during the day.  Tanger is a 5 month old Labradane who is very pleasant and playful.

tanger pa dane rescue

Tanger looking serious

tanger pa great dane rescue 2

Tanger looking a little less serious.

We also have 3 four-month old Labradanes available.  They are in foster and are also very pleasant, very playful dogs who enjoy interacting with other dogs and with the people around them.

The puppies are in perpetual motion when outside so it is difficult to get clean and clear photos of them. Puppies often do not last long so if you are interested you should contact us as soon as possible.


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