New Pictures of Amelia and Felix

Amelia is the mom of Felix, they get along wonderfully and are very pleasant dogs.

Both are Plott Hound mixes. Amelia is a very smart and wonderful mother that looks out for her puppy. She is very happy with other dogs and loves to play with them and then relax for a short time, sitting on top of her crate instead of in it. She loves to be with people and is very busy but there is not a mean bone in her body. She is very sweet and will snuggle up to be right next to a person and just put her face out for kisses. she loves that very much. Amelia is so petite and gentle and delicate in her mannerisms, it is lovely to see her move because she is very agile.

Felix is very small and delicate like his mom. It is amazing that they both ended up together in a shelter despite arriving at different times and both were not killed thru euthanasia. They do love to be together but also i have seen them apart at different times. Amelia lets Felix go off on his own and he ( like human kids) enjoys the freedom of other dogs and doing things by himself. They differently have a lot of energy but also are both loving and have some down time at times. Once you see them you will be amazed at their grace and just how beautiful both dogs are. Young children are OK with Amelia and Felix.


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