Razzle Dazzle in his foster home

Razzle is doing quite well and will be a wonderful family dog, as you can see in the pictures:

Razzle-Dazzle is a 2 year old Great Dane/Boxer mix.  Razzle is a king in his own little mind. He is very busy (he has terrier in him for sure) and he does pay attention to the cats but can be redirected easily with anything else that you may have in your hand (like a bug, a toy, a leaf, air, anything he has figured that he gets because he is the dude). In his little head he is the king, queen, prince and the whole kingdom. There is not a mean bone in his little body. He is great with kids and other dogs ( he does play rough and you need to calm him down at times), he needs a corrective collar for walking and he will get himself into trouble if not crated when you go to work but honestly when you come home and look at him you just forget what he did.

He really tries to be a good dog but some training would help with that and also strengthen any bond between you and him. There is one of a kind in razzle because they broke the mold afterwards (maybe on purpose). He is a southern boy from Georgia and waited patiently for a month to get up here to Pittsburgh. Razzle is about 40 pounds wet.We often call him wee man for short. Young kids are OK with razzle/wee man.
**Turn ons: All kinds of food, playing with all dogs, babies and kids and himself.
**Turn offs: Going to bed at night.

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