Little man Sprocket

Sprocket is a 2 year old Great Dane/Catahoula mix and he is one of my favorite dogs. Sprocket came in about 2 months ago; he was surrendered because he was very nervous around his owner’s child and they were pregnant again so they had no choice but to surrender him. It was stated that it took a lot of time for him to warm up to men and he does prefer women but here at the house he sits on my husband’s lap and is constantly standing near me to be with me.

He allows me to a full body exam without any difficulty and loves to play ball, with toys, and with anything he can do with my husband. The issue with sprocket is that he is in overdrive all the time with his mind because he is very very smart. Dogs like Sprocket are taking in all that is around them; it doesn’t mean that they are bad dogs, just very much in a state that needs to be understood.

This kind of dog is one that will give his life for his owner. He is a very, very dedicated dog to his family.  He is beautiful, he is very affectionate, and very playful.  I love how much he always wants to learn and interact with me and my husband. He would be perfect for a single person that needs a devoted dog. Sprocket has lived with cats before and has not had an issue besides occasionally chasing but not harming them.


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