Imma Emma fan

Miss Emma is a 9 year old fawn beauty who hasn’t had a really good start in life. She is a Southern Belle from South Carolina. Emma was apparently hit by a car at one point but never taken the doctors so she has one leg that is fused up. She was chained outside for 9 years of her life and was usually walked past by to get into the house without any kind words.


We were asked to take her and even though she is 9 years old she loves to snuggle up and hangs out with the other dogs and loves treats. She is in good health and was seen by a vet to be allowed to come up from South Carolina. Emma has a touch of arthritis and does well with a multi vitamin and some glycosamine for her joints. She loves all the things the other dogs love, toys, short walks, treats, and lots of doggie cookies.


Emma is an asset to any household. I always tell everyone to look at the dog not the age. We all know she is an older gal but why would you deny yourself the pleasure of having such a lovely little girl curling up next to you for as long as god will allow her to be on this earth? Emma deserves as we all do, someone to love her, protect her, and look forward to seeing her wonderful face everyday.


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