Good Golly Miss Molly

Miss Molly is a 2 year old brindle female Great Dane and she is as lovely as the song . She gets along with other dogs but no kids under 13 yrs old please; they freak her out and she does not want to be around them. Molly is very laid back but loves to sit on the couch with you and hang out with her family.


Molly is a special needs doggie that has seizures. Her vet feels that it is not due to a brain tumor and just a neurological problem for which she takes medicine. The seizure condition is just a fine tremoring (see video of the seizure) of her head which leads her to become disoriented for a short time, hence that is why no young children.


Miss Molly was found roped to a barn door in Northern PA. She is a beautiful dog and wants to be loved now and is ready for adoption. We believe that special needs dogs are more wonderful than others because they feel the need to be more loving and wonderful to their adopter. We had ourselves personally a 3 legged dog that loved us more than his own life and appreciated all we did for him.


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