Juno anywhere I can call home?

Mr. Juno is a wonderful wonderful man. His family left the state of South Carolina and decided to leave him to pay for the bills and mortgage. Another family was good enough to try to take him in but they we not allowed by their landlord. He is wonderful even after this and is great with dogs, cats and kids.


Juno is very gentle and he loves to play with other dogs and is having the time of his life in foster. He does have a hang up about a leash so there is a proper way to put it on for him but besides that he is really one of the nicest Great Danes around in good old Pennsylvania.  We need to show him some northern hospitality and give him a nice welcome here. Juno is about 1.5 yrs old but very puppy like in some ways.


7 thoughts on “Juno anywhere I can call home?

    • We appreciate your interest but I think you’re too far away from us. We arrange for a home visit and theoretically that could be done but our concern would be what would happen if the adoption were to not work out. The trip back to Pittsburgh would be an awful lot afterward. There must be Dane rescues closer to you. Look up Hurricane Charlie’s Great Dane Rescue in Oklahoma, for example. Best of luck, Danes are wonderful pets.


  1. Hello,
    I would love to know if Juno is still in need of a loving home. We live in PA and are very interested!

    • Erin, I’m sorry, I missed your comment on our blog. Yes, likely it is in our area, we’ve adopted as far east as New Jersey. All we have to do is arrange for a home visit in your area and we usually can work it out.

  2. Very interested in Juno, we live in Pennsylvania (Clearfield County) we’re about 2 to 3 hours from Pittsburgh. We have a large yard that is fenced in all the way around our home, I’m a stay at home Mom of 2 boy’s 12 and 8 and my husband works 2nd shift, so Juno will never be alone he would definitely have a lot of TLC.

    • Juno was adopted. What seems to go best for adopters is to get an application in, get your home visit done, then work with us to get a dog that will make you happy. Often, when we post a new dog, there are people already approved who contact us immediately to adopt them and at times we contact them without the dog ever hitting our website because we see a good match for them as soon as the dog is in.

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