Volunteers needed for Saturdays St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If you love a parade you’ll love even more being in the parade with our, or your, Great Danes this Saturday. We’ve marched for several years in Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and have always had a good time, rain or shine.  We also get calls afterward from people who saw the Danes and want to adopt, so along with it being an enjoyable social event for us, the parade is also productive for the rescue.

We need people who are willing to bring their Dane along and also people who will simply walk along with the group to act as escorts for the Danes to keep a little distance between the Danes and the kids, animal lovers, and the drunks along the parade route.

The parade starts on Liberty Avenue in the Strip District and runs down the Boulevard of the Allies. It is a lot of fun taking a leisurely walk down the middle of the boulevard while thousands of people stand behind the barriers, watching and calling for the Danes to come over to visit.

Join us if you can, it really is a great time, and if you can join us, please confirm with Deb Johnson, Ace Parade Organizer, at 412-328-9419.

Below are a few pictures from one of the prior parades:


And if you want, you can be Scooby Doo this year.

Our group will meet on Liberty Avenue at approximately 21st Street and Liberty (it varies a little, look for big dogs) at around 9 am, parade starts at 10:00 am.


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