Meet Little Miss Zoey

Zoey was born on 11/6/13; she is a mantle female  Great Dane from West Virginia. Poor little petite Zoey is very pleasant and misunderstood by previous owners. She has been passed around thru no fault of her own but just had bad owners that didn’t understand Great Danes. She does not have any formal obedience training but is great on a leash and very good about furniture and things.


Zoey was given up from her previous owner who advised that she was food and water aggressive with the other dogs. She has been nothing of the sort here with us and she has even been very pleasant and plays constantly with the other dogs and loves men. She is good around cats and the other dogs; sleeps all night and is very quiet most of the time.


Zoey is very small framed so that works to everyone’s benefit. She has not had such a great life so far but does not harbor any ill will because of her history. Zoey was hit by a car which left her with a broken left rear leg and broken pelvis and she does pick up her leg when running but walks well on it if she is just walking.  She is very gentle and loves people and has been around kids without a problem. Her last owner gave her up because she was going on vacation and needed her out of the house.


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