Bria and Bella

Bria and Bella are sisters from the same litter and are registered as boxer mixes. They are both 2 years old in June and came from the south where tobacco is aplenty (North Carolina). When they first came up they did not know how to walk on a leash, they were so frightened they had to be carried in from the car and they did not know how to respond to people at all.

They are now the most lovely dogs that have ever come into the rescue. They are now crate trained, walk good on a leash, come to meet people (with treats and cheese in hand) and play with other dogs.  They both come up to me when I call them and stick out their little heads for me to put them in my hands and kiss their faces. They love to sit next to me while I am doing things and love to be near at all times.
They can be little devils though at times. They can jump a 6 foot high fence so tie-outs, leash walks, or 7 foot fences ( we extended ours) are a must. They are incredibly loving and I am sure they would do ok with older kids.  We would love for them to go together since they sleep touching each other and sit next to each other all the time.

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