Lucy is a wonderful 4 year old LabraDane. She is excellent with infants on up and great with small dogs on up. She walks around the house with her leash in her mouth just in case you may want to take her for a walk or something.

Lucy is extremely gentle and loves any attention you give her. Her family is moving and has to surrender her back to our rescue. She is crate trained and loves the crate and has been very sweet with her special needs little boy in the family.

Lucy is just a happy girl who loves belly rubs, walks, and even runs though she doesn’t last long (after a mile she pulls to come back home). She gets along with all dogs and I am pretty sure she would do ok with cats, (there are a lot of feral cats in this community and she chase them but she never hurts them). She is very submissive and walks very nice on the leash. She is housebroken and never had an accident in the house. She is a very smart girl, she figured out how to open doors and unlock a slide door so she could get out.

She absolutely loves kids. She is super gentle with them and she never left the family children’s side while outside; always protecting him but without being aggressive.

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