A goodbye to Mya

Hello! My name is Noach (no-UH) and I am 15 years old and I just tonight had my 12-year-old Great Dane get put down because her stomach was somehow really twisted up. I was at school, but my mom was home, and she left the house to go shopping, and when she came back at 2:30, Mya was gone. She was finally retrieved by a neighbor at 6pm and was very sick somehow, and we took her to the animal hospital, and they told us that she would have to get surgery to live, but we didn’t have the $1,500 to spend for a surgery that night, since it was an emergency. We decided that because she was so old, the surgery may kill her. We decided to put her down, and my brother, sister, my mom, and I have been in grief tonight. We buried her in the backyard and said our sad goodbyes, and now we wish for a better life for her and hope that she is in Heaven. I just thought it would be interesting to share this story with you guys, and I hope you have a good night! Keep rescuing Great Danes because they are WONDERFUL giants to have as a friend.

MYA!!!!!!! Miss you so much, baby!!!



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