Hello my name is Thor and I am just that the Hammer of the Gods . Ok well I think I am a god but that is because I am young. They are saying I am about 2 years old but I am probably younger than that. I need some people manners but once you get to know me you will be very impressed with how high I can stand in place for a cookie.

I leannnnnnn very well. I just love to lean into things and knock them over. I am so good at that and my job description is just that; lean into everyone, every wall, every other dog, every sidewalk, even the air, which means I fall down on the ground. But I get up really really quick.

So anyways I was put into the drop box of the shelter in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Yes, it was a really really really big box. I have no idea how they stuffed me into it or why. Here I was being all pretty and trying to impress them with my leaning abilities and they put me into the overnight box at the shelter. I am great with dogs and a little submissive though and good with people but small kids may get knocked over so no kids under 8 years old. Cats are unknown to me and I do walk nice on a leash and I also take treats very very gently. That is me, the treat taker leaner.


4 thoughts on “Thor

  1. My family has over 25 years of great Dane experience and is looking to add another dog to our home, preferably a rescue. At home we currently have a two year old merlequin female named Lola who we would love to have a companion for because she is very active. We also have two cats, one who gets along well with Lola, I often find them playing or curled up together. She is seen by a vet who breeds Danes and has a two of his own. It is myself, my parents, and my grandfather in the home at this time, 4/5 days a week someone is home all day and the other 2/3 days, Lola is not alone for more than a few hours. I myself work for a for a veterinary hospital, and am currently working towards my veterinary technician degree. We are happy to do a home/phone visit, send pictures and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me by my email or by phone. Cant wait to here from you!

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