My in-house volunteers and the fine work they do

While running the rescue I often get side tracked and also I really don’t sit down until the end of the night. That said, all of us that run rescues are busy at least 14 to 16 hrs a day doing things for the animals we are fostering. I often get someone saying that they tried to get me and i didnt get to them sooner than later.
Believe me when I say if I am doing something like the dishes the dogs are doing something else behind my back, like shredding up paper, pulling out blankets from the crates, digging holes in the back yard, chewing holes in the wall, pulling out toys from their toy box, playing in mud puddles, digging holes in the floor in the house, playing keep away with the other dogs, barking at the squirrels outside so the neighbors complain, there are just a number of things that they get into while I am doing something else.
 While I do the dishes they are busy doing something destructive, if I am doing laundry they are often doing something destructive. Last week I went to pick up the broom to sweep the floor and this is what I found.
They must have sensed I needed help with the sweeping so they made the broom new and improved so I could stand 3 feet away and sweep to my side instead of straight in front of me.  I do have to get very low to the ground though to use the broom.  If you would like to purchase a broom just like this one we can arrange for the dogs to fix it up for you too, just let Pa Great Dane Rescue know.  They are so helpful in many ways and offered their assistance without my knowledge at all, but this is usually the way we work. I find out about something when I am right up on it.
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