Here I am, on the road again

Look out world I am here to lick you to death. My name is Paige and I came all the way in from Indiana. I was in a shelter for a really long time and then the vet decided to keep me at the office until I got adopted so I wasn’t in danger of being put down. I  small to medium dogs and am ok with cats; I had a best friend that was a cat named Daniel.  I love to snuggle and give nibble kisses once I know you.

I am cute as a button and I am crate trained and very good in the house. I really love treats so that I can keep up my girlish figure. I am a great Dane mix and probably mixed with mastiff or St. bernard. I am 3 years old and weigh about 110 pounds but who is counting? I am fearful of new people that come into my home but especially men. I don’t like uniforms or costumes or hoods and stuff because I can’t see your face but it’s not uncommon for a dog to not like uniforms or such things. I love to play and am very good on a leash etc. I would say I would do best in a very laid back home with a couple that understands and is patient with me.




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