Who wants a happy ending?


Charlie was rough in his foster homes, really rough sometimes (in the picture he’s stealing a pumpkin), but Jean stuck with him despite his quirks and difficulties and that determination to find him a home finally paid off.

Charlie is getting the chance of a lifetime; he is going to live for 6 months with a vet/trainer and then go with a family to help the special needs children in their home. Charlie is a smart dog and they were very impressed with his nose and how he will be able to sniff out the daughter of the household and sit with her until she becomes calm and happy in her safe place.  He is a dog that loves to have jobs so we all figured that this is right up his alley.

For his adoption packet he got a new harness vest that will be able to carry toys, treats and just about anything else to get him ready for his tasks. Because of some donations he is going with a crate and his favorite toys and is joining some dogs that will help him learn how to be a well-behaved dog.

Charlie had gotten adopted by us when he was a pup but that family could not handle him so he came back into the rescue and has been with us for about a year now. This is a story that tells about how no dog is a throwaway dog and that everyone has a purpose in life. Please wish Mr. Charlie, Dr. Santucci and his new family well and remember that ” we can’t save every dog in this world but the one that we do save, we change it’s world forever.


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