Meet Tilly

Tilly is a 5 yr old blue merle gal. She is a very petite and gentle with everyone she meets. Tilly has a wonderful demeanor and loves to snuggle up right next to you. She is crate trained and good on a leash and is good with older kids. Her response to cats is unknown but she loves other dogs.  Tilly is just so dainty like a daisy; she stands back and lets the other dogs push their way in but is always there for a pet as well. Tilly is guilty only of being too cute.


2 thoughts on “Meet Tilly

  1. Tilly looks like she would fit right in with our 2 danes, we have Blueberry Bagel who is a blue but we call her “BB”) a ND our Harlequin is 1 yr old, and her name is Chumani, which is Navajo for DewDrop. we also have a Red/Rust dobie who is almost 3 yrs old, her name is ChunkaMunk…lol All of babies are Emotional Support Fogs, they are lovable, good with other dogs, we are proud parents

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