He’s Not Opie, I’m Opie!!

So the knucklehead that does our website posted Deacon’s pictures on Opie’s Post.  Below are the actual pictures of Opie, with Opie’s write up:

Hello guys, my name is Opie, you know like in the saying “Opie dokie?” Ok so it is kind of like that. So anyways I am the most handsome Great Dane in the world, yes i won that title last year and it still holds true.

I am 6 years young and I love love love to do things my way, kind of like good old Frankie blue eyes. I love people and older kids, and oh yeah forgot to tell you that I am a special needs guy,; I can’t hear. I do come with a vibrating collar and I do look at you for signs.

I love to help my owners with the cleaning of the dishes, surfing the counters for clean ups and I really love to get any fleas off my masters with my flea biting to help assist them to be rid of those nasty fleas; I love grooming my owners and sitting on the couch with them. Sometimes I play by myself if no one else is around and I do have a habit of trying to ride up in the front of the car, on the dash that is, you know I feel it is better to have a Dane head there than a plastic Jesus anyday. I am a little bit high strung if my owners aren’t around but not destructive at all. i do enjoy every once in a while shredding up a blanket.

My hang ups are little dogs and no one is sure about me with cats. I am a West Virginia boy and I do howl with a bit of an accent but I left my farmer overalls behind for the bright lights of Pittsburgh, PA.  I am so great and everyone tells me so.


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