I’m not Opie, I’m Deacon

Here’s the real description of Deacon:

Hi my name is Deacon. I am a 1.5 year old Dane, ha ha fooled you, I look like I am a Beagle mix, so don’t ask why I am on this Dane site but the ones that sent me to this rescue said that I looked like a little mini Dane. Yeah ok so I am cute as a button and I have the pictures to prove it. I walk on my hind legs for treats, I have something called a Napoleon complex which is really funny because i have never been to France.

I do not like big dogs, so as you can imagine I am doing really well here in a Great Dane rescue; got to keep everyone in line I guess. I belonged to an elderly family and the couple did a lot of traveling so I was stuck in daycare more than at home, so hence I am here now with a rescue instead of the shelter I was at. I get along with all the ladies and do get along with most dogs except the really big ones. I like to challenge them to a duel and I am going to win. I haven’t met a bunny I didn’t like ( in a stew or on a plate ) so no little animals for me please.

I love people and am willing to do anything to let them see how cute I am. I am crate trained walk great on a leash and I love kids and people. I stop for any picture anyone wants to take of me. I am about 22 pounds of hunk of hunk of burning love and can show you if you like.


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