I’m Goin Off the Rails with a Crazy Dane

Ok world here I come; I am a hometown boy from West Virginia but you would not know it from the way I handle myself with the ladies. I love the girl doggies but seem to want to challenge the boys for their affections so I would do better with a female dog in the bunch.  My name is Ozzie and I am the handsomest doggie east of the Rockies( ok whole country but I didn’t want to brag).

I am confident, know commands and will choose to do them when I want to, but that is my age showing. I am 1.5 years old and have a lot of living to do. Cats are unknown around me and older kids only. I was given up because kids liked to throw rocks at me while they passed on their bikes so a fenced in yard is warranted since I broke the chain I was on to run after the bikes.

I am crate trained and camera shy.  I love to play with my girlfriend Raven in the back yard.  I will do anything for a cookie so make sure you have one ready for me when you come to visit me.  I am a big guy so I need lots of room and someone that isn’t going to let me get away with too much. I know my charm will woo you and you will be putty in my hands.


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