By George

Hi my name is George; you know Georgie Porgie kissed the girls and made them cry, only I kissed the girls and made them pregnant. Yes that was my job alright, someone had to do it and I did it well but I hear that I am going into retirement soon. i am not sure what that entails but a free dental plan along with free and often milk bones would be so appreciated.  I am a 4 year old harlequin male and I love the girls. I also love people, dogs of all kind but my response to cats is unknown.  I am a special needs doggie because my hind legs turn in and hit each other at the knees (so no one is perfect but this does not hinder me at all. ) I was raised in a dog run and just let out to do my job. For the first time I am playing with all the dogs and just blending right in. I can now run and do things I could only dream about. It is like I am starting over and now learning the ropes of what it is like to be a dog. I am too sexy for myself and I just love life and love playing all day.

i am neutered and vetted and looking handsome as ever to meet my new family. i do have to mention that the vet did find a heart murmur and also says that my hips may develop arthritis possibly some hip dysplaysia later in life so i have to stay on the slim side and be on dogie vitamins to help with my bones. i  am in need of some tender loving care for sure and i do know now to give it back. i am just such a great dog. come see me  soon


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