Say Hello to Zeus

Hello i am a 2 year old very sensitive big guy named Zeus. I like other dogs but cats are unknown. Kids make me nervous so a really laid back house is right up my alley. I am very very sensitive so I need time to meet you and meet you again before I would come home with you; it takes me long to get over being left by my family. I am a lovely dog that just likes to lay back around the house and give my paw to someone. I am not destructive in the house and like men and women as well. I will let you do mostly anything like baths, ear cleanings and kisses but just need time to get over being left from my foster family; I really do take it to heart. I am a native Pittsburgh boy.


One thought on “Say Hello to Zeus

  1. He is beautiful, we put our Dane down two years ago, his name was Zeus and he also was black and white. Unfortunately I live in Florida or I would take him. My Zeus was also laid back and spoiled, had a mattress in every room!

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