About the PA Great Dane Rescue

Our main website is http://pennsylvania-dane-rescue.org.  All available Danes  are at this page.

We are a nonprofit organization based in the Pittsburgh, PA area dedicated to finding new homes for Great Danes who, for various reasons, can no longer stay where they are.  Our rescue works throughout the Western PA area and beyond to receive Great Danes from those who can no longer take care of them and to connect with those who are looking to add a Great Dane to their homes.  Please visit the links section of our blog to see the available Great Danes, to access our adoption forms, and to contact representatives of the PA Great Dane Rescue.  Click this link to visit the PA Great Dane Rescue website.


3 thoughts on “About the PA Great Dane Rescue

  1. My heart breaks for the Danes that were rescued. Being a former owner of a gorgeous Great Dane, I wish I could Foster one of them, but my house is much too small. I did donate for their vet care. I hope and pray they all recover and their “owners” are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Hi,,,

    What happened to the Danes rescues in March from Armstrong County? How are they now?

    That Grey woman should be locked up with no food or water like the Danes were… Great Danes are such wonderful animals…once a Dane owner always a Dane lover…

    Cathe Durick

  3. Hi…

    It is now June 2011 what happened to the Danes rescued in March from Armstrong County….

    Cathe Durick

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