Graduation Day is May 18!

The Great Danes in the prison program are graduating on May 18 after 3 months of training.  The Danes come out of the program well-behaved and well-trained.  Some of the Danes are already adopted but others are available.  Contact us now to discuss the available Danes.

Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue


Stevie got dressed up for his first day at the prison

Stevie and Jethro worked together to open up some oil paints and Stevie dabbed his face and body into the paint to give himself some more interesting colors.  He went to the prison with red tinge over his eye and red spots on his back.  His make-up application technique needs a little work but overall he did pretty well.

The Danes graduated from the prison program

Six dogs graduated from the prison program on Wednesday and the Graduation of October, 2010 went very well.  Otto, Tiger, Gannon, Scooby, Kelly, and Zeke all graduated from the program.  All have been adopted and all except Otto are in their new homes.  Congratulations to the Danes on their graduation and their new homes.

New video of Stevie

We discovered that Stevie likes to play with other dogs.  His blindness does not get in the way of his playing.  Watch him play in the video below:

More pictures of Cash and Fiesta

See how well they are doing:

Cash had his surgery and is doing well

Cash successfully had his amputation surgery on Thursday and is doing very well.  He is adjusting to the way he has to walk now and is in very good spirits.

Cash and Fiesta update

Fiesta is doing very well. She’s a little jumping bean when it’s time to eat.  Fiesta and Cash are both being treated for kennel cough and are being wormed.  She will be spayed on Tuesday if Cash is not well enough to get the surgery done on his foot.  Fiesta is a sweet and very friendly little lady.  She is feeling well enough that she is starting to want to play.

Cash is gaining weight and is starting to feel better but still has a lot of pain in his foot.  He has kennel cough and we’re not sure if he will be well enough to have the surgery on his leg on Tuesday.  If not, it will be delayed briefly until we’re more sure that he will be okay through the surgery. He’s very friendly and we’re trying to keep him from playing with Fiesta until he is better and has his surgery done.