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Terri Preisel


Kasarah Emery




Jean R. Matvey

(724) 869-9185

Boomer PA Great Dane Rescue (20)


19 thoughts on “Contact the Rescue

  1. Hello –

    I came across your website when I was looking at Great Dane pictures. I have two cats and a husband and I am interested in potentially adopting a Great Dane that would be good fit in our home environment. I would appreciate any information you have.

    Thank you,
    Laura Swinchock

    • Laura, the best way to work with us is to go to our website and review the terms of adoption and process, and call Jean to discuss the dogs we have available. You can find the current dogs in the rescue at along with all contact information for Jean. The available dogs changes rapidly so even if there’s nothing that works for your family currently, there are always more on the way in.

  2. Avery looks just like a missing dog I saw on a lost and found page. Is Avery neutered ? Where did you get him from? He looks so sweet!

  3. Greetings. We live in Lancaster Pa on three acres bordered by a small creek. We have a Dane rescued from Arkansas that looks identical to miss Daisy. Can you contact me with more information? Do you know why she was surrendered? What are your fees, vet protocol etc? Thanks kindly. 717-951-1809

    • Hi, please contact the director of the rescue, Jean, at 724-869-9185. She can fill you in on everything about Daisy and the adoption process. Fundamentally we try to make the process easy and pleasant, and the adoption permanent.


  4. My family & I are thinking about afopting a Great Dane. We have 2 girls at home, 19 & 10. We also have 2 cats.

    I saw that some adoptions require a fence which we don’t have.

    If you can give me more information on what we need to do, that would be great.


  5. I was inquiring about Chester, the 11 month old Great Dane ! My husband and I are looking for a dog for our family. We have 3 children at home, 16, 14, and 13. We had an Akita that passed away 5 years ago and loved her to pieces.
    Pam Key
    Lower Burrell, Pa.

  6. I love Zoey! What a doll.. We love Danes! We miss our Zues and Roxy.. I am interested in the adoption process. . We have a Vizsla that would love a new friend!

    • Zoey was adopted. What seems to go best for adopters is to get an application in, get your home visit done, then work with us to get a dog that will make you happy. Often, when we post a new dog, there are people already approved who contact us immediately to adopt them and at times we contact them without the dog ever hitting our website because we see a good match for them as soon as the dog is in.

  7. Hello I am interested in Zeus. I was looking to see what the price of adoption is. I own 8 German shepherds 3 are service dogs for myself for specific tasks. I have a fence in yard and fiberglass pool that I put in just for my dogs to enjoy with me.

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