Dane the Dane

Dane is a 1 year old black male Great Dane. He is very sweet but in that “I am a teenager” kind of way so he needs training. No kids for Dane and cats unknown but he is great with other dogs, is crate trained and very good with women and warms up to men. He is absolutely a puppy so again we are following the 4 rules here with him; see below:

1. No kids, that includes “grandkids; no kids under 16 yrs old ( even where the kid is 4 but “is very experienced with large breed dogs.” No no no no kids.
2.  He needs training, not training in your kitchen to make him sit and stay; he knows that already. You need to be willing to work with a professional trainer so that if he doesn’t want to do something that day you will know how to get him to do it.
3. He warms up to men. This means no party to welcome the dog to your house, no boys fraternities, no family with 8 boys in it. Take time with him he is very big and needs to be broken in with men.
4. He is on the big side.  I get a lot of ” I want the biggest one.” No you don’t. If you can not handle a medium Dane then you can not handle a large Dane. This means walking them and controlling them if they want to walk over to that cute little poodle and eat them. This means that you need to be able to demonstrate that you can handle a 140 pound dog.
If you can fill all the requirements then Dane is your guy. He is a very handsome, growing bouncing baby boy that loves to snuggle, bark, eat, and pooh so congratulations, it’s a boy.

Meet Tilly

Tilly is a 5 yr old blue merle gal. She is a very petite and gentle with everyone she meets. Tilly has a wonderful demeanor and loves to snuggle up right next to you. She is crate trained and good on a leash and is good with older kids. Her response to cats is unknown but she loves other dogs.  Tilly is just so dainty like a daisy; she stands back and lets the other dogs push their way in but is always there for a pet as well. Tilly is guilty only of being too cute.

How about an Oreo?

Want a little Oreo with your milk? Oreo is approximately 6 years old and is a Lab/Dane mix. She is lovely with medium to large dogs, crate trained, plays well and loves kids. No cats or small dogs for Oreo, she does not like them at all.

Oreo has a wonderful disposition and wants a warm bed to lay her little head down at night. She is very good with people, walking on a leash and just snuggling up to you in bed. Oreo is just a lovely little Pennsylvania girl who needs a new home.

Who wants a happy ending?


Charlie was rough in his foster homes, really rough sometimes (in the picture he’s stealing a pumpkin), but Jean stuck with him despite his quirks and difficulties and that determination to find him a home finally paid off.

Charlie is getting the chance of a lifetime; he is going to live for 6 months with a vet/trainer and then go with a family to help the special needs children in their home. Charlie is a smart dog and they were very impressed with his nose and how he will be able to sniff out the daughter of the household and sit with her until she becomes calm and happy in her safe place.  He is a dog that loves to have jobs so we all figured that this is right up his alley.

For his adoption packet he got a new harness vest that will be able to carry toys, treats and just about anything else to get him ready for his tasks. Because of some donations he is going with a crate and his favorite toys and is joining some dogs that will help him learn how to be a well-behaved dog.

Charlie had gotten adopted by us when he was a pup but that family could not handle him so he came back into the rescue and has been with us for about a year now. This is a story that tells about how no dog is a throwaway dog and that everyone has a purpose in life. Please wish Mr. Charlie, Dr. Santucci and his new family well and remember that ” we can’t save every dog in this world but the one that we do save, we change it’s world forever.

Here I am, on the road again

Look out world I am here to lick you to death. My name is Paige and I came all the way in from Indiana. I was in a shelter for a really long time and then the vet decided to keep me at the office until I got adopted so I wasn’t in danger of being put down. I  small to medium dogs and am ok with cats; I had a best friend that was a cat named Daniel.  I love to snuggle and give nibble kisses once I know you.

I am cute as a button and I am crate trained and very good in the house. I really love treats so that I can keep up my girlish figure. I am a great Dane mix and probably mixed with mastiff or St. bernard. I am 3 years old and weigh about 110 pounds but who is counting? I am fearful of new people that come into my home but especially men. I don’t like uniforms or costumes or hoods and stuff because I can’t see your face but it’s not uncommon for a dog to not like uniforms or such things. I love to play and am very good on a leash etc. I would say I would do best in a very laid back home with a couple that understands and is patient with me.



Do you love a parade

We are meeting Sunday night to discuss the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade, come join us to get yourself ready for the parade:

6 pm Sunday

1346 Old Freedom Rd, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
If you want to join us in the parade but can’t make the meeting, let Jean know at jeanrmatvey@gmail.com, you’re still welcome even if you can’t make the meeting.
But we’d like to see you so come to the meeting.