I’m Goin Off the Rails with a Crazy Dane

Ok world here I come; I am a hometown boy from West Virginia but you would not know it from the way I handle myself with the ladies. I love the girl doggies but seem to want to challenge the boys for their affections so I would do better with a female dog in the bunch.  My name is Ozzie and I am the handsomest doggie east of the Rockies( ok whole country but I didn’t want to brag).

I am confident, know commands and will choose to do them when I want to, but that is my age showing. I am 1.5 years old and have a lot of living to do. Cats are unknown around me and older kids only. I was given up because kids liked to throw rocks at me while they passed on their bikes so a fenced in yard is warranted since I broke the chain I was on to run after the bikes.

I am crate trained and camera shy.  I love to play with my girlfriend Raven in the back yard.  I will do anything for a cookie so make sure you have one ready for me when you come to visit me.  I am a big guy so I need lots of room and someone that isn’t going to let me get away with too much. I know my charm will woo you and you will be putty in my hands.


I’m not Opie, I’m Deacon

Here’s the real description of Deacon:

Hi my name is Deacon. I am a 1.5 year old Dane, ha ha fooled you, I look like I am a Beagle mix, so don’t ask why I am on this Dane site but the ones that sent me to this rescue said that I looked like a little mini Dane. Yeah ok so I am cute as a button and I have the pictures to prove it. I walk on my hind legs for treats, I have something called a Napoleon complex which is really funny because i have never been to France.

I do not like big dogs, so as you can imagine I am doing really well here in a Great Dane rescue; got to keep everyone in line I guess. I belonged to an elderly family and the couple did a lot of traveling so I was stuck in daycare more than at home, so hence I am here now with a rescue instead of the shelter I was at. I get along with all the ladies and do get along with most dogs except the really big ones. I like to challenge them to a duel and I am going to win. I haven’t met a bunny I didn’t like ( in a stew or on a plate ) so no little animals for me please.

I love people and am willing to do anything to let them see how cute I am. I am crate trained walk great on a leash and I love kids and people. I stop for any picture anyone wants to take of me. I am about 22 pounds of hunk of hunk of burning love and can show you if you like.

He’s Not Opie, I’m Opie!!

So the knucklehead that does our website posted Deacon’s pictures on Opie’s Post.  Below are the actual pictures of Opie, with Opie’s write up:

Hello guys, my name is Opie, you know like in the saying “Opie dokie?” Ok so it is kind of like that. So anyways I am the most handsome Great Dane in the world, yes i won that title last year and it still holds true.

I am 6 years young and I love love love to do things my way, kind of like good old Frankie blue eyes. I love people and older kids, and oh yeah forgot to tell you that I am a special needs guy,; I can’t hear. I do come with a vibrating collar and I do look at you for signs.

I love to help my owners with the cleaning of the dishes, surfing the counters for clean ups and I really love to get any fleas off my masters with my flea biting to help assist them to be rid of those nasty fleas; I love grooming my owners and sitting on the couch with them. Sometimes I play by myself if no one else is around and I do have a habit of trying to ride up in the front of the car, on the dash that is, you know I feel it is better to have a Dane head there than a plastic Jesus anyday. I am a little bit high strung if my owners aren’t around but not destructive at all. i do enjoy every once in a while shredding up a blanket.

My hang ups are little dogs and no one is sure about me with cats. I am a West Virginia boy and I do howl with a bit of an accent but I left my farmer overalls behind for the bright lights of Pittsburgh, PA.  I am so great and everyone tells me so.

I play it off but I’m dreamin of you

Maycee is a 5-year-old Dane/Catahoula mix. A shelter that had had her for a very long time asked if we would take her so she would not be put down. She is lovely and loves to play with other dogs, loves women and takes a short time to warm up to men. She is very good in the house, crate trained and great once she gets some time to warm up.

Maycee is crate trained and very pleasant. She does do some resource guarding of food and toys but quickly redirects with one command. She walks nicely on a leash and is very laid back.

Hey babe, let’s go out tonight

Mr. Bowie is a Southern gentleman that came to us from a different rescue that had him when he was just a little pup. He is a lovely 2-year-old dane/hound mix that is good with kids and other dogs and is just waiting for his family home.

He can’t tell you anything because he is deaf but it does not hinder him at all and he loves dogs and to play like any other doggie. He was adopted to a not so nice family in the beginning but was taken off them and then adopted out again to another family but his person went to college so he found himself again returned. Bowie is quiet and very well behaved in the house. His rescue asked us to take him because of the rough start he had.

A wonderful person donated money towards bowie’s care so he will come with a collar that states he is deaf and also a vibrating collar that will help him to look for his person to get a command. He must go to someone that has a fence or a strong tie out no electric fences please.

Dane the Dane

Dane is a 1 year old black male Great Dane. He is very sweet but in that “I am a teenager” kind of way so he needs training. No kids for Dane and cats unknown but he is great with other dogs, is crate trained and very good with women and warms up to men. He is absolutely a puppy so again we are following the 4 rules here with him; see below:

1. No kids, that includes “grandkids; no kids under 16 yrs old ( even where the kid is 4 but “is very experienced with large breed dogs.” No no no no kids.
2.  He needs training, not training in your kitchen to make him sit and stay; he knows that already. You need to be willing to work with a professional trainer so that if he doesn’t want to do something that day you will know how to get him to do it.
3. He warms up to men. This means no party to welcome the dog to your house, no boys fraternities, no family with 8 boys in it. Take time with him he is very big and needs to be broken in with men.
4. He is on the big side.  I get a lot of ” I want the biggest one.” No you don’t. If you can not handle a medium Dane then you can not handle a large Dane. This means walking them and controlling them if they want to walk over to that cute little poodle and eat them. This means that you need to be able to demonstrate that you can handle a 140 pound dog.
If you can fill all the requirements then Dane is your guy. He is a very handsome, growing bouncing baby boy that loves to snuggle, bark, eat, and pooh so congratulations, it’s a boy.