Stevie wonders if you have a home for him.

Stevie is a Catahoula/Dane mix, about eight years old.  Stevie is blind and will need a home with people willing to adjust to his disability.  He”s extremely friendly and pleasant. he walks easily on a leash and ignores cats.  Stevie will be a very happy addition to someone’s home.

Stevie new pics (1) (1024x768) Stevie new pics (2) (1024x768) Stevie new pics (1024x768)

PA Great Dane Rescue


Congratulations to Sable and her new family

Sable was adopted about a week ago and is doing very well at her new home.  She is very much loved by her new family and is very happy in her new home.


Stevie got dressed up for his first day at the prison

Stevie and Jethro worked together to open up some oil paints and Stevie dabbed his face and body into the paint to give himself some more interesting colors.  He went to the prison with red tinge over his eye and red spots on his back.  His make-up application technique needs a little work but overall he did pretty well.

And more pictures of Stevie

Stevie is doing well, he’s always happy to be around people and adjusts well to his blindness.  He also likes to be around other dogs and ignores our cats.

Pa Great Dane Rescue