And another Bella is available

Bella is a 1 1/2 year old Great Dane.  She is good with people, other dogs, and cats.  She is a really sweet Dane.


The Graduates

It was graduation day at the prison today and seven dogs went to their new homes.  Graduation went very well and most of the dogs performed their new tricks.  Tabby demonstrated how to properly get frisked and all of the dogs showed how they know how to sit and follow their emergency sit command.  Except Stevie, Stevie was too happy to see everyone to do anything but visit with the rescue people.

PA Great Dane Rescue holiday party

The PA Great Dane Rescue is having a holiday party on January 2, 2011.  Come join us from 2pm through the afternoon at a member’s house in the North Hills.  It’s a covered dish party and you’re welcome to bring what you have for the party.  Call Jean at 412-916-2167 for more details.

Congratulations to Sable and her new family

Sable was adopted about a week ago and is doing very well at her new home.  She is very much loved by her new family and is very happy in her new home.


PA Great Dane Rescue at the ParkBark

Last Saturday Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue participated in the  Grandview Park BARK on Mt. Washington.  It was a very nice venue with  a spectacular view of the city.  The Park BARK was our last outdoor  event of the season.

We wish to thank Butch and his daughter for bringing their foster  dogs, Daisy and Sonny, and Danielle and her family for bringing their  dogs, Scooby and Trixie.

Scooby wowed the crowd with his lion costume, and won the title  “Longest Dog.”

Pictures from Howl-o-ween at Petco

It was a great day at Petco, Trixie got second place in the costume party, losing to a hamster in a Cat In the Hat costume.  We think Scooby the lion should have won something too.  Walter and Stevie helped out with the event and did very well with the people at Petco.

Pittsburgh Great Dane Rescue.

Past adoptions page at PA Great Dane Rescue.

The Danes graduated from the prison program

Six dogs graduated from the prison program on Wednesday and the Graduation of October, 2010 went very well.  Otto, Tiger, Gannon, Scooby, Kelly, and Zeke all graduated from the program.  All have been adopted and all except Otto are in their new homes.  Congratulations to the Danes on their graduation and their new homes.