Meet Sweet Elsa

Elsa is a 4 year old special needs gal all the way from West Virginia. She is a pretty special girl, she loves to play with the other dogs and is great in the house now. She likes her crate and is pretty bad about getting up in the am to go outside as she is most comfy in her crate wrapped in warm blankies.  Elsa sees partially out of one eye and does here loud noises. Her response to cats is unknown and we ask for larger kids for her because she does like to play with her owners. She often gets very excited to play with tug toys and stuffed animals and she loves people.


Which of you are Hazel nuts?

My name is Hazel and I am 3 years old. I am a West Virginia gal that just loves to hang around and eat. My puppy making days are over and I get along with other dogs and love to chase the cats around but have never hurt them. I love to play with other dogs and usually start the play first.


I am a beautiful gal that just loves to sit on the couch or hang in the crate and I love to snuggle. Older kids are ok for me as I am very big and push things out of the way with my wagging tail. I was surrendered to a shelter with my puppies and my boyfriend but they have all been adopted and I am left as usual but as they say they leave the best for last.

We have no internet!!!!

Because Comcast Sucks.  We’ve been tryng to get it fixed, working with Comcast (sucks) representatives but the Comcast (sucks) reps have been unable to fix it yet.

We will continue to try and work with Comcast (sucks) to get it going but for now we have no internet.  Jean can be reached by phone at 724-869-9185 in the meantime.


And Comcast sucks.

A goodbye to Mya

Hello! My name is Noach (no-UH) and I am 15 years old and I just tonight had my 12-year-old Great Dane get put down because her stomach was somehow really twisted up. I was at school, but my mom was home, and she left the house to go shopping, and when she came back at 2:30, Mya was gone. She was finally retrieved by a neighbor at 6pm and was very sick somehow, and we took her to the animal hospital, and they told us that she would have to get surgery to live, but we didn’t have the $1,500 to spend for a surgery that night, since it was an emergency. We decided that because she was so old, the surgery may kill her. We decided to put her down, and my brother, sister, my mom, and I have been in grief tonight. We buried her in the backyard and said our sad goodbyes, and now we wish for a better life for her and hope that she is in Heaven. I just thought it would be interesting to share this story with you guys, and I hope you have a good night! Keep rescuing Great Danes because they are WONDERFUL giants to have as a friend.

MYA!!!!!!! Miss you so much, baby!!!


I Love Lucy

My name is Miss Lucy and I am a Great Dane mix. I am about 5 years old but it is hard to tell since I i was a stray. I am a born and raised Kentucky girl that was brought up to Pittsburgh because they were running out of space and I was marked for euthanasia .  I get along with most medium to small dogs but don’t like large dogs much. Cats are unknown to me but I love, love, love people, including kids. I know my commands and walk well on a leash. I am crate-trained and love attention all the time. I love to show my belly and love to just be a lap dog.


Hello, my name is Jeb and badness is my game.  I am from South Carolina and am alleged to be 6 months  old but my foster mom thinks I am more like 6 months old. I still do a lot of puppy things like that rule “everything is mine.”

I don’t want you to cry but my ears were cut off by my owner. My rescue thinks that I was going to be used for dog fighting in the ring as a practice doggie.  I have a long scar on the back of my right leg.  I don’t like cats much but that is because where I came from; they taught me to not like cats.  I need some training so I can grow up very sweet and loving. I love to give kisses and I play with all the other dogs here at the rescue.

I love to give kisses and I play with all the other dogs here at the rescue.  I am crate trained now and house-broken and am very, very smart. My rescue believes that I am a Shepard/something small mix and I weigh about 45 pounds, if that. I know I am on a Dane site but I was brought to the shelter as a stray and the rescue had to step up and save me from being put down for space. They figured that since I made it out of a bad situation I didn’t need to come into another one.