Adopting Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy is a 6-year-old black female Great Dane from Ohio.  She was turned into an Ohio rescue, transferred to us, and we are lucky enough to have her in our lives. Daisy is just an absolute delight to anyone that meets her, she is excellent with dogs, kids, cats and everything in this world. She was owned by an older couple for the first 4 years of her life, then they gave her to a man on Craigslist and he had her for about a year, then had to move in with his daughter. The daughter had a baby so they kept Daisy down in the basement for several months until they contacted a rescue to take her. This is one Great Great Great Great Dane. She is just one of the most easy going dogs we have.

Et tu Brutus

Brutus is a very very handsome, well mannered, goofy, kind of guy that came from West Virginia.He is 3 years old and was used for breeding purposes mostly. Poor Brutus was mostly afraid of his puppies every time his partner had them; he would hide behind the foster as if to say ” I didn’t do that.” Poor thing; he just has no idea about “birthin no babies.”


Brutus loves men as well as women and is one of the most handsome guys we have had in a long time.   He is not destructive in the home and loves the lady-dogs. He is very nice, plays well and is very loving.


Puppies anyone?

These puppies were born under the floor of a building in South Carolina and were marked for euthanasia at the shelter they were turned into and were named “Litter E.” We could not in good conscience leave them there when we were taking in another litter of puppies, knowing they would be put down the next day.  We are guessing that they are a mix of lab and collie and there were 6 boys and 3 girls. It is estimated that they were born on May 30, 2016.  They are the funniest, most goofy puppies around and are getting bigger with every passing day and really enjoying life.

Meet sweet Elsie

Elsie is a 8-year-old brindle Mastiff/Dane mix. We suggest you not focus on the age because we really think that is a misprint and that she is much younger than 8 years old. Elsie was turned into a kill shelter from South Carolina because the owner said that her little dog didn’t like her.  She is one of the most gentle dogs that just loves to meet you at the front door, then goes and lays down. She loves people and children and dogs but cats are unknown though she has a really great disposition. Elsie is one of the easiest dogs we have in the program right now.

Athena, I had no idea how much I need her

Athena is a 2-year-old female Great Dane from Ohio that was over-bred and not very well taken care of. Her owner kept breeding her and she developed a severe case of mastitis along with several mammary tumors that were not being looked after. This is an ugly side of back yard breeders and what they do; they breed and breed until the dog is used up. Lucky for Athena she was picked up by a shelter that gave the owners an ultimatum and she came to us. Athena is one sweet girl unaffected by the neglect; she loves being petted and loves, loves, loves people and is good with older kids. She is great with other dogs and cats are unknown but seems to have a low prey drive. She is just so sweet and will be getting her spay and any tumor removals on the 15th of September.