Tut Tut Tut

It is apple pie and hot dogs for this little guy now that he’s arrived in our country. Tut is about 3 yrs old and is all he can be. He came from the streets of Egypt, yes Egypt, where they are not very nice to stray dogs.We stepped up and took him in from a rescue that arranged for him to fly here from Egypt.

Tut is great with dogs and he likes cats. He is a very sweet dog and craves attention especially since he had none in his home land. We are guessing he is a Dane/lab mix.  He is crate trained and working on commands in English and doing well with it so far.  We need to show him that America is a great place for him to be. 

Meet Patrick

Mr. Patrick is a Great Dane/Mastiff mix. This handsome guy sat in a shelter over in Ohio for 6 months and no on looked at him. He is very good looking and I must say his personality is perfect. He loves to play with all the dogs and is very good around people. Older kids please over 12 because Mr. Patrick is very playful and full of energy. We figure Patrick to be about 3.5 yrs old. He is one of the most striking dogs we have in the rescue and he loves to snuggle up at night right by your side. He is not destructive in the house but will find a shoe now and then and it is a gonner.

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, about a doggy

Meet Raven; Raven is a 5 1/2 year old Dane/black Shepard mix. She spent the first 5 years of her life in the back yard of her families home in West Virginia until her family moved and decided to leave her behind.

Raven gets along with all dogs and loves to play all the time. She is crate trained and has been around children 7 and up. No cats for Raven but dogs are quite welcome. She is a beautiful girl and she is playful and just wanting a family of her own. Raven will listen nicely and does redirect very well.  She would love to play ball with a family and snuggle up next to them on a couch.

Looking for some help for Hope

Hope PA Great Dane rescue (1)“I hope all is well with you! I’m writing you today because we have a very sweet (albeit shy) Great Dane who came in as a stray and she is covered with ringworm. This is not something that we are equipped to deal with and unfortunately, she will be euthanized if we do not find an outlet for her.”

We got the above email about Hope. It simply read that Hope was in need of our rescue Hope PA Great Dane rescue (2)because she was covered with ringworm and the shelter was closing its doors by the end of the month  and were not equipped to handle such a difficult skin condition. I didn’t have to think twice about taking this little girl. She came up on a 9 hour drive from Kentucky and she was pretty rattled and very nervous about me and the other dogs and her isolation room and what the routine would be to get her better.
Hope has ring worm and also a bacterial infection to her skin that requires antibiotics and a very expensive medication. The discount price is $275 for 40 pills. So far we have not been able to afford these pills for her and we’re getting her medicated shampoo and a less expensive antibiotic.
Hope PA Great Dane rescue (3)She is one of the most gentle dogs and just loves to sit near you and every once in a while give you a lick to say thanks for everything.  She gets all the left overs and she snores when she sleeps. She loves to play in the back yard and loves to run from side to side. She does not understand toys yet and is just now getting comfortable walking on a leash.
She is going to be okay after her treatment and she is going to be a great companion for someone once her treatment is done.  If you can help a little, please click the link below to Hope’s Gofundme page for donations.

Thank you,

Jean and the PA Great Dane Rescue
Hope PA Great Dane rescue (4)

Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney!

Rooney is a Kentucky native but with a name like his you would have thought he was from Steeler country. He is great with dogs and loves people.

Rooney is very smart and is part Dane and part Shepard, as far as we know. He loves to show off his commands for you for a treat and is well behaved in the house. Rooney is crate trained but hasn’t needed it. We believe he would do better in a house without cats. He is good with kids 9 years on up and would love to be very active with his family on weekends doing outdoor activities. 

Meet Ophelia

Ms. Ophelia (Ophie for short) was given up because her owners were in poor health. Ophelia is great with cats and loves medium to large dogs and loves kids of all ages. She is crate trained but doesn’t really need it.
Ophelia is 6 years young and has a little bit of grey on her muzzle but don’t let that fool you in any way; she is a very active dog. She loves to hang out and be with you and the rest of the dogs all the time. Ophelia is one of the most lovely gals around in town.

Take a Chance

Mr. Chance is approximately 2.5 years old and a handsome kind of Fawniquin male. We believe he is a mix but that should not be held against him in any way. His turn-ons are bananas and strawberries and kids over 9 and cats and other dogs.

He loves everyone and is crate-trained. Chance walks well on a leash and knows commands for the right kind of treat. He is a very good size and loves to cuddle up on the couch right next to you and would love to be with you all day hanging out.