Meet Pepper

Pepper is a one year old female Great Dane.  She is a very shy girl initially and connects to women much faster than she connects to males.  She is very happy with other dogs as you can see in her pictures. She is crate trained and should continue with crating when necessary as she will seek adventure in your home if she is bored.

…The Beast

Beast is not at all Beastly, he is a pleasant 2 year old Dane/Lab mix.  He is good with other dogs, particularly his daughter, Beauty, and is good with most female dogs but not so much with smaller male dogs. Beast smiles a lot, it is cute.  Beast was dropped off at a shelter in South Carolina along with his two daughters, including Beauty.

When they were dropped off at the shelter, Beast tried to protect the mother but the mother was put down because she growled at the shelter employees.  Beast also protected their puppies, Beauty and her sister, though sadly the sister died due to food poisoning. The shelter asked that we take Beauty into our rescue and it was decided that we would also take Beast since he was such a good father.  They are now available for adoption either individually or together, they do get along very well together.