Say hello to Beau

Beau is a tan and white Greyhound/Dane mix.  His paperwork says he is about 5 yrs old . Beau is good with other dogs but does guard food and treats against other dogs. He is very devoted to his owner and would do really well with a quiet home and would do well with kids over 10 yrs old.
Beau is very good about crating and is nondestructive in a home and walks well on a leash.  His response to cats is unknown but he seems to mostly ignore them.
He would make a wonderful companion for an older couple with a laid back house. He is truly a great dog and has been not a problem at all, he just wants to hang out with his family. Beau came up from South Carolina,  he belonged to an elderly couple that had to go into a nursing home and could not keep him any longer. Beau is very good with people and would be an asset to any home.

I’m your Daisy.

Daisy is a Great Dane and the favorite of the doggie group right now, she is just a wonderful little flower. Daisy loves all the dogs and ignores cats and loves, loves, loves, people. Daisy was a stray walking around the streets in West Virginia and got picked up by animal control. She is crate trained and pulls on a leash but nothing that could not corrected with a gentle leader. She is so happy and loves to play and be a dog. Daisy should not be with kids under 5 because she may tip them over. She is a jumper on people and needs a little work in this area. She does not food or toy guard at all and is an asset to any household. Daisy knows a few commands and she wants to please everyone; she is a submissive type dog.

When she came in the vet estimated her to be around 5 years of age but after a month of good food, playing and proper care we feel she is more like 3 years old.

Meet Big Ryan.

Ryan is a 3 year old fawn Great Dane mix. Ryan understands basic commands such as sit, shake, go to your bed, and lay down. Ryan is very good on a leash but could still use some training for when he gets excited. He is also crate trained. He does tend to get overly excited so a busy home with other pets or children would not be good for him. 
Although Ryan‘s previous owners gave him up due to situations of aggression, he has yet to display any form of aggression in his foster home. Ryan has been around other dogs, cats, children, and adults and has been well behaved in every situation, even at the dog park! Ryan is easy to care for in general, but he doesn’t like when he can’t be close to his caregiver. He is a very curious and sweet boy that simply wants love and affection. He loves to go on walks and adventures. 

Razzle Dazzle in his foster home

Razzle is doing quite well and will be a wonderful family dog, as you can see in the pictures:

Razzle-Dazzle is a 2 year old Great Dane/Boxer mix.  Razzle is a king in his own little mind. He is very busy (he has terrier in him for sure) and he does pay attention to the cats but can be redirected easily with anything else that you may have in your hand (like a bug, a toy, a leaf, air, anything he has figured that he gets because he is the dude). In his little head he is the king, queen, prince and the whole kingdom. There is not a mean bone in his little body. He is great with kids and other dogs ( he does play rough and you need to calm him down at times), he needs a corrective collar for walking and he will get himself into trouble if not crated when you go to work but honestly when you come home and look at him you just forget what he did.

He really tries to be a good dog but some training would help with that and also strengthen any bond between you and him. There is one of a kind in razzle because they broke the mold afterwards (maybe on purpose). He is a southern boy from Georgia and waited patiently for a month to get up here to Pittsburgh. Razzle is about 40 pounds wet.We often call him wee man for short. Young kids are OK with razzle/wee man.
**Turn ons: All kinds of food, playing with all dogs, babies and kids and himself.
**Turn offs: Going to bed at night.

New Pictures of Amelia and Felix

Amelia is the mom of Felix, they get along wonderfully and are very pleasant dogs.

Both are Plott Hound mixes. Amelia is a very smart and wonderful mother that looks out for her puppy. She is very happy with other dogs and loves to play with them and then relax for a short time, sitting on top of her crate instead of in it. She loves to be with people and is very busy but there is not a mean bone in her body. She is very sweet and will snuggle up to be right next to a person and just put her face out for kisses. she loves that very much. Amelia is so petite and gentle and delicate in her mannerisms, it is lovely to see her move because she is very agile.

Felix is very small and delicate like his mom. It is amazing that they both ended up together in a shelter despite arriving at different times and both were not killed thru euthanasia. They do love to be together but also i have seen them apart at different times. Amelia lets Felix go off on his own and he ( like human kids) enjoys the freedom of other dogs and doing things by himself. They differently have a lot of energy but also are both loving and have some down time at times. Once you see them you will be amazed at their grace and just how beautiful both dogs are. Young children are OK with Amelia and Felix.