Thank you for all your work at the Rockin Rescue Pets event

When I am describing my volunteer crew to future adopters and others that may join up I describe us as hard workers that work other full time jobs and do this on the side, we have families and jobs and other things that keep us busy but we respect and love the Great Dane breed and do this because we love animals. I explain to everyone that we volunteer our time and money and efforts endlessly and that we drive ourselves crazy sometimes. The word that I use most though is that we are all friends and we are all family.  We have our ups and downs with each other but it passes and we start up again every week to do something pertaining to the dogs and rescue.


On Saturday 7th, my family out did themselves with one of the most wonderful events we have ever had. My family/friends gave of their time, energy, and money to make the day a perfect day for dogs, rescues, and people that came to donate money to our rescue. My friends/family, which consists of Danni Bolinski, Emmett and Joyce Duprey, and Mike and Cinda Leininger and their friends, put together the most wonderful event.


Danni Bolinski organized, managed, worked and closed out this amazing event. She had all of the vendors talking about how wonderful and organized it was and what a relief it was to work at an event that was so friendly and fun. Danni’s husband (Stephen) and daughter (Sydney) and sister in law managed and worked every minute of the event. Joyce and Emmett hand made dog beds and worked at the concession stand dancing and hugging all the time. Cinda and Mike rushed back from a cruise to help manage sales and loading and unloading all the items at the sale.  My best friend (Brenda Ehnot) went with me to help at the event and she is my right hand and keeps me sane all the time. If I have not introduced everyone, this is my family; Danni, Stephen, Sydney, Joyce, Emmett, Mike and Cinda, and of course Brenda.


These guys are what makes if fun to work this rescue, they are who steps up when a dog is in need and needs to be saved, they do what needs to be done to transport a dog for endless  hours across miles of road to get the dog to where it needs to be. Again, they are my family and the family of Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue and I thank them for all they did that day for the rescue. We are lucky to have such a wonderful group and we are lucky to have each other.

Jean Matvey,

President, PA Great Dane Rescue


Sonny, thank you for the love you brought my way

Sonny is an 12 month old Mastiff/Great Dane mix. He is just as lovable as can be and likes all the other dogs he comes in contact with. He is great with people and kids over 7 years old because of his size. Sonny is a big lug and his head is ginormous because of his massive intelligence. He is too smart for his own good and wants to share his intelligence with his new family; just walking on his leash around the neighborhood to show off his lovely disposition.

Cisco kid, was a friend of mine

Mr. Cisco is a mix of something, who knows? He came in with a litter of Dane/lab mixes so we have to say he is a Dane/lab mix but he has a curl in his tail to die for. He actually smiles when you call him. He was adopted out and returned because he had  a fight with his pug brother. He has been here about a week and we are finding he is very pleasant and gets along with all the dogs here without incident.


Cisco is very well behaved and just as handsome as all get out. He is very quiet and plays all day with the other dogs and is excellent with crating. He loves to strut around the yard with a toy in his mouth and says to the other ones “I am the man.”  He has absolutely no food aggression and is very good with people. He wins the cuteness award this week for smiling and showing us all how much he is loving it here.


Bria and Bella

Bria and Bella are sisters from the same litter and are registered as boxer mixes. They are both 2 years old in June and came from the south where tobacco is aplenty (North Carolina). When they first came up they did not know how to walk on a leash, they were so frightened they had to be carried in from the car and they did not know how to respond to people at all.

They are now the most lovely dogs that have ever come into the rescue. They are now crate trained, walk good on a leash, come to meet people (with treats and cheese in hand) and play with other dogs.  They both come up to me when I call them and stick out their little heads for me to put them in my hands and kiss their faces. They love to sit next to me while I am doing things and love to be near at all times.
They can be little devils though at times. They can jump a 6 foot high fence so tie-outs, leash walks, or 7 foot fences ( we extended ours) are a must. They are incredibly loving and I am sure they would do ok with older kids.  We would love for them to go together since they sleep touching each other and sit next to each other all the time.

Meet Yager

Yager is a 2 year old Great Dane female. She is good with most dogs but is an alpha female and is not for the first time Great Dane owner. She does bark at everyone she meets but will redirect with time from doing so. Yager is very very good about crating and is not destructive at all in the home. She should be placed in a home with older kids and her response to cats is unknown.

Say hello to Caldwell

Caldwell is a handsome 2 yer old southern boy from North Carolina . He is a Labradane mix and he wants to show off his physique to everyone that comes past him. He will not stop wiggling until you pet him and give him some loving. Caldwell loves to play with other dogs and likes kids to play ball with him. He is very smart and is good at reading everyone and wants them to know that.  Caldwell is a real goofball and it seems to show every time a camera is around. He is crate trained and very good about sharing things. He was scheduled to be put down  at the shelter and the rescue was good enough to call us at Pa Great Dane Rescue.


Meet Hobbes

Mr. Hobbes is a 2 year old fox hound, possibly Dane mix. He is a southern boy from South Carolina. Mr. Hobbes loves dogs and is very laid back. He was at a shelter for about 3 months or more and his time was up so we pulled him in the nick of time. He is a very handsome boy who likes to strut his stuff at Camp Bow Wow South these days and is the staff’s favorite dog there. His foster said that he does pull on the leash but will correct the problem with time. He is very good at crating and takes treats very nicely. No food aggression but we would say no to cats for Mr. Hobbes.