Say Hello to Zeus

Hello i am a 2 year old very sensitive big guy named Zeus. I like other dogs but cats are unknown. Kids make me nervous so a really laid back house is right up my alley. I am very very sensitive so I need time to meet you and meet you again before I would come home with you; it takes me long to get over being left by my family. I am a lovely dog that just likes to lay back around the house and give my paw to someone. I am not destructive in the house and like men and women as well. I will let you do mostly anything like baths, ear cleanings and kisses but just need time to get over being left from my foster family; I really do take it to heart. I am a native Pittsburgh boy.

By George

Hi my name is George; you know Georgie Porgie kissed the girls and made them cry, only I kissed the girls and made them pregnant. Yes that was my job alright, someone had to do it and I did it well but I hear that I am going into retirement soon. i am not sure what that entails but a free dental plan along with free and often milk bones would be so appreciated.  I am a 4 year old harlequin male and I love the girls. I also love people, dogs of all kind but my response to cats is unknown.  I am a special needs doggie because my hind legs turn in and hit each other at the knees (so no one is perfect but this does not hinder me at all. ) I was raised in a dog run and just let out to do my job. For the first time I am playing with all the dogs and just blending right in. I can now run and do things I could only dream about. It is like I am starting over and now learning the ropes of what it is like to be a dog. I am too sexy for myself and I just love life and love playing all day.

i am neutered and vetted and looking handsome as ever to meet my new family. i do have to mention that the vet did find a heart murmur and also says that my hips may develop arthritis possibly some hip dysplaysia later in life so i have to stay on the slim side and be on dogie vitamins to help with my bones. i  am in need of some tender loving care for sure and i do know now to give it back. i am just such a great dog. come see me  soon

The King of your castle

Hello my name is King. I am called king because I am the king of my castle.   I am a 3 year old blue merle Great Dane male from Kentucky and proud of it. My bark is with an accent and  I love love love to play, do commands and talk to you all day. I love to give my paw to people and like kids over 9 years old. Cats are unknown for me but I do seem to get along with all dogs and seem to be a submissive kind of guy.  I was surrendered because my family could not afford me

I am so handsome and a smaller size Great Dane so that is great for both of us to fit on the couch together. I am very agile like a deer and love to just be-bop around the yard all day.  I am a very sweet sweet man puppy and looking for my new home.  Swimming pools and watermelon are my  favorite things, whats yours?

Zada, Zada, bo-bada

Hello, I am a 4 year old lovely lovely lovely brindle girl. I like other dogs but not small ones. I have lived with cats in the past and am good for kids over 9 years old. I am what every Great Dane should look like. I am very laid back and would love a quiet household.

I know my commands and get along with dogs and cats just not those little dogs. I am so laid back and an asset to any household. I have my stomach tacked to prevent bloat. I am such a wonderful little lady in the house. I walk nicely on a leash and just look beautiful all day so come see me in person.

Meet Ginger

Hello my name is Ginger. Well it was changed from an Italian name and since i don’t speak Italian much they decided to call me Ginger .

I am a wonderful friendly gal that loves to play and eat and play and eat and play and eat. I like other dogs but cats are not my thing. I love people and kids over 9 years old because I take treats very vivaciously.  I am crate trained and my puppy making days are over though I used to take care of puppies day in and day out.

I am a Pennsylvania gal and I love my ears rubbed.  I love walks and love a laid back household to rest my bones in.  If you are this kind of household than I am your gal. I am about 3 years old and considered a fawn color and by the way if you look at the Pennsylvania state dog that is my picture up there.


I’m Goin Off the Rails with a Crazy Dane

Ok world here I come; I am a hometown boy from West Virginia but you would not know it from the way I handle myself with the ladies. I love the girl doggies but seem to want to challenge the boys for their affections so I would do better with a female dog in the bunch.  My name is Ozzie and I am the handsomest doggie east of the Rockies( ok whole country but I didn’t want to brag).

I am confident, know commands and will choose to do them when I want to, but that is my age showing. I am 1.5 years old and have a lot of living to do. Cats are unknown around me and older kids only. I was given up because kids liked to throw rocks at me while they passed on their bikes so a fenced in yard is warranted since I broke the chain I was on to run after the bikes.

I am crate trained and camera shy.  I love to play with my girlfriend Raven in the back yard.  I will do anything for a cookie so make sure you have one ready for me when you come to visit me.  I am a big guy so I need lots of room and someone that isn’t going to let me get away with too much. I know my charm will woo you and you will be putty in my hands.