A Dane Poodle mix?

That’s what they tell us.  This is Penny, a Great Dane/Poodle mix.  She is cute, 1 and 1/2 years old, and good with other dogs, cats, and kids.


11 thoughts on “A Dane Poodle mix?

  1. I think I have her brother, I live in Morgantown and have one that looks exactly like her. He is also a year and a half old. Great Dog!! Big old lap dog.

  2. I have a “great doodle” (?) that is a year old. She is tan….high energy, loves water, silly, and sweet. If anyone has details about growth, temperament…I’d love to know. Sally weighs about 115 and hips are approximately 24 inches high.

  3. All I can say is what I know about mine. He is 2 years old now. He is about 110 lbs, not much has changed since he was a year old, I thought he would fill out or get taller, he still hasn’t. I think he is done growing. Temperament is great, very friendly and very sweet, but he loves attention and will come seeking it if he wants it. Has done very well with the 8 month old baby that is with us right now. Very careful not to step on her. Also very smart , picks up things very quickly, but train them fast because they are tough to control on a leash. Mine will freak out a little on the leash if they see something interesting, ie. another dog, cat or people. But on the other hand I will have him off the leash in the front yard when I work and he is good. Enjoy Sally, these dogs are great.

  4. I know this dog! My little girl and I used to play with her all the time when she was a puppy!! I know her parents. Her mom is a fawn great dane and her dad was a blue poodle. Is she up for adoption?? Her brother and her sister look just like her. Her original name was bubbles. KC her brothers original name was slagithore do you have him. I would love to adopt this dog if she is up for adoption but I see this is an old post 😦

    • Yeah that sounds right, His mom was a fawn great dane and dad was the poodle. I still have him, we call him Tripp now and he is great. We get his hair cut now so he isn’t wirely like his sister anymore, but I now kinda miss the old look. Thanks for the back ground info on him, its cool to know more about him before I got him. Anyways, I hope whoever got her is treating her well. They are great dogs.

  5. I wish I would have came across this alot sooner but Im glad she found a home. I hope it is a forever one this time.

  6. I have a great doodle, 4 years old, everyone thinks he is a wolfhound. He’s the sweetest, smartest dog I have ever had! skinny, about 85#. looks EXACTLY like picture. We love him to death. VERY careful not to step on the cats when he sleeps with us!

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